The Trip That Led to Success

It took me months of contemplating, but before I knew it I was spending every spare second I had into doing the online research needed to be the entrepreneur I wanted to be.

Exactly one year after the death of Grandma I had realized how miserable I was in college.  Since then I’ve been debating whether or not just to drop out entirely.  I hadn’t done so yet of course; my parents would’ve killed me if I had dropped out on a whim.

In the meantime, I’ve been on the search for a proven concept.  Knowledge, or anything that would both ease my anxiety at the mere thought of dropping out, and make it easier to talk to my parents.  I had to admit that I hated the idea of studying for years, and paying a ludicrous amount of money for some job that may not make me happy either.  The more I looked into it the angrier, and more frustrated I was for every class I still attended.  My professor’s lectures were enlightening, but the tests we took, grades we were given, and facility that capitalized it based on a “maybe” years from now was what upset me.

I took fewer classes that next semester, so I had more time to pursue my goal of starting a career with an online business.  I think the tipping point for me was when I found this insightful article about Digital Altitude.

It discussed a proven process for selling “big ticket” products online that a former U.S. Marine had developed that looked exactly like what I was looking for. Continue reading “The Trip That Led to Success”

A Lesson from Grandma

It’s been exactly a year now since Grandma died.  I know that because we have it marked on our calendar to visit her grave.

Personally, I didn’t want to see my grandma’s grave a year later.  It did not feel like something that should be marked on the calendar like we do birthdays or when a family from out of town comes down to visit.  I almost used the class as an excuse not to go with my parents, but since I live with them, I didn’t even bother to try.  I just didn’t understand, or appreciate the reason we were going at the time.

“We’re here!”  Dad said as he pulled up to the cemetery where Grandma was buried.

Mom, Dad, and I all got out of the car and started walking over our plot where Grandma was buried.  I knew the way, but I felt so uncomfortable that I followed behind my parents. Continue reading “A Lesson from Grandma”

An Alzheimers Journey

After that first visit, I felt a lot better about was happening with Grandma.  Between the great doctors, we got for her, and the nursing home we picked out we couldn’t have taken better care of her ourselves.

I visited her a lot more often as I went to school.  Any day of the week that I didn’t have classes I made sure to stop by, and give her some company.  You could tell that Grandma’s condition was getting worse over time, but you could tell she was still Grandma on the good days.  On bad days, it seemed like holding memories were as pointless as trying to keep water from slipping through your fingers.

Her remembering what I told her wasn’t the point of the visits, however.  The point of the visits was to be there simply.  It helped me a lot I think in the long run, and I could only imagine it helped her as well having the company even if her head wasn’t quite clear that day.

Continue reading “An Alzheimers Journey”

The Diagnosis

I have no idea how late it was when they got back home from Grandma’s house.  I had laid in bed with much confusion and emotional pain of concern.  I was confused about what was happening to Grandma, and it was never pretty to see my parents fight like that.  Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes turned into hours as I fell asleep that night.

A week later, which felt like the next morning, I learned from my dad that Grandma had Alzheimer’s Disease.

My reaction was to shut it all out like it was something that was only there if I had looked at it.  I loved my Grandma, and what made it worse was that it was out of any of our hands.  We couldn’t stop it, and couldn’t cure it, but could only live with as if it were history.  It wasn’t history though it was happening now, it might as well have been like changing the past.

Although it had felt like that, Dad told me that it wasn’t necessarily the case.  Eventually, we had found the right nursing home for Grandma.  He had told me it was for the best that they could care for her 24/7 which was what she needed.

Dad did all of the heavy liftings for both Grandma, and Mom.  He even found the best doctors at GoDocs.  I saw for myself, the doctors from GoDocs ( came to visit Grandma at the nursing home and gave her better care than I could imagine for her condition. I learned a lot more about what could’ve been done to assist people with Alzheimer’s Disease, and at the end of their first visit, it made me feel a lot better about what was happening with Grandma.

My Uncle Rick at the time was staying with us.  He was from Mom’s side of the family too, so he had come down to see Grandma.  He wanted to be there when we visited Grandma for the first time in the nursing home. Continue reading “The Diagnosis”

Dinner at Grandma’s House

The dinner we went to at Grandma’s house wasn’t a big deal, but when I think back, it’s where all of the emotional pain started to kick in.

My parents and I were a little late of course as always.  I was riding with them, so it wasn’t that big of a deal to me, but Mom was quite upset by it.

“Ugh!” Was the sound Mom made angrily as we pulled into the driveway.  “We’re late again!  I’m going to hear this from her for about a week!”

Dad was calm as always and tried to keep her calm as well.  “No, you won’t.  You’re being a little overzealous it’s only ten minutes.”

“You’re not the one that talks to her on the phone every couple of days.”

My mother quieted down so that Grandma wouldn’t catch it as we got out of the car, and approached the front door.  Grandma’s house had been the same one that she, and my grandpa had lived in for many years.  I remember that my parents were worried about her coping, and still living in the same house that they shared for many years, but Grandma pulled through alright.

Mom let out a big sigh, and knocked on the front door ready to issue the apology as soon as the door opened.

“Sorry we’re late!” Mom said sheepishly. Continue reading “Dinner at Grandma’s House”

The Longest Ride

It was probably one of the longest car rides I have ever experienced, and ever care to experience in my life time.  The worst part about it is that I didn’t take my car.  It didn’t make sense at the time to take two cars before we left for dinner, but when I was stuck in the back of my parent’s car unable to go anywhere I wish I had.  In fact, that experience of getting stuck in that car ride is why I hardly ever carpool in someone else’s car anymore.

As soon as our car made it out of the drive way, Dad broke the awkward silence with the serious tone he rarely used.

“Honey, I know you don’t want too, but we need to talk about what happened back there.  This isn’t the first time.”

“What are you talking about?!” My mother replied sternly.

“You know what I’m talking about.  This isn’t the first time your grandmother has done this sort of thing, and it’s getting worse.”  Dad said. Continue reading “The Longest Ride”

Alzheimer’s In The Beginning

As I sit here in my room, and mourn for someone I once knew and spoke to regularly only a few years ago.  It is about time I told my story about my experience with a horrible disease that affects an individual’s mind as well as the hearts that surround it.  That disease described is known only best as Alzheimer’s.

It all started just a couple of years ago as I was twenty-two years old, and at the time looking for a community college to attend next semester.  All I could think about was how life would be different in just a few years when all of the sudden my phone started ringing.

“Hey, Grandma!” I had said as soon as I picked it up.

I had known immediately who it was already because there was only one person in this day in age that would call me instead of using a text message.  I figured she had something she wanted me to something to dinner since me, and my parents had already planned to attend with her this evening. Continue reading “Alzheimer’s In The Beginning”