Alzheimer’s In The Beginning

As I sit here in my room, and mourn for someone I once knew and spoke to regularly only a few years ago.  It is about time I told my story about my experience with a horrible disease that affects an individual’s mind as well as the hearts that surround it.  That disease described is known only best as Alzheimer’s.

It all started just a couple of years ago as I was twenty-two years old, and at the time looking for a community college to attend next semester.  All I could think about was how life would be different in just a few years when all of the sudden my phone started ringing.

“Hey, Grandma!” I had said as soon as I picked it up.

I had known immediately who it was already because there was only one person in this day in age that would call me instead of using a text message.  I figured she had something she wanted me to something to dinner since me, and my parents had already planned to attend with her this evening.

“Hey!”  She replied.  “Your mother is always too busy working to talk to me on the phone.  Please tell her that I want all three of you over for dinner tonight.  I don’t hardly to get to see any of you anymore.  Tell her I’m making my green bean casserole.”

“Yes Grandma I’ve already told them.  We’re going to head over there tonight at seven.  We’ll be there!”

“Oh…Okay.”  She paused for a moment.  “Thank you.  Don’t let dinner get cold!  I’ll see you then!  Goodbye!” She replied once more.

“No problem Grandma I love you!  Goodbye!”  I had ended the call.

I didn’t think much of it at the time, but my grandmother called much more often.  Not only that, but she complained much more that we didn’t visit her enough, and more.  I figured it was just the way some people acted when the years catch up with them.

I loved my grandma very much, so I didn’t mind going over there to dinner with my parents instead of eating at home.  I also figured later on that it was the right thing to do because she didn’t have much company.  We were the only family members this close, and she lived alone since my grandpa passed away when I was only four.  I could only remember so much about him, so it didn’t affect me deeply, but it was hard to think about what my grandmother must have felt.

At that time, we had all accepted any excuse we would think out loud first whenever my grandma did something a little bit odd.  In fact, it’s what everyone wants when the subtle symptoms of something more serious begin to occur.  Eventually, it was the time that we all grew up and took the courageous path of facing these serious troubles head on instead of something easy like simply ignoring them.

My parents, and I going to that dinner was the first time we all started to all question Grandma’s health.

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