The Trip That Led to Success

It took me months of contemplating, but before I knew it I was spending every spare second I had into doing the online research needed to be the entrepreneur I wanted to be.

Exactly one year after the death of Grandma I had realized how miserable I was in college.  Since then I’ve been debating whether or not just to drop out entirely.  I hadn’t done so yet of course; my parents would’ve killed me if I had dropped out on a whim.

In the meantime, I’ve been on the search for a proven concept.  Knowledge, or anything that would both ease my anxiety at the mere thought of dropping out, and make it easier to talk to my parents.  I had to admit that I hated the idea of studying for years, and paying a ludicrous amount of money for some job that may not make me happy either.  The more I looked into it the angrier, and more frustrated I was for every class I still attended.  My professor’s lectures were enlightening, but the tests we took, grades we were given, and facility that capitalized it based on a “maybe” years from now was what upset me.

I took fewer classes that next semester, so I had more time to pursue my goal of starting a career with an online business.  I think the tipping point for me was when I found this insightful article about Digital Altitude.

It discussed a proven process for selling “big ticket” products online that a former U.S. Marine had developed that looked exactly like what I was looking for.

After that article it was like a roller coast slowly tipping over the first hill.  I got on the right track finding one more article after another.  One more person who had exactly what I needed to get out of college, and doing what I wanted for a living today.  It was an anxious surge of anticipation that kept me from sleeping and had me working even harder instead.  I even in the middle of the night found a network marketing company I wanted to join.

I slept for only four hours, so I could get up early that day, head out to breakfast, and place the call while waiting for my food at a restaurant nearby.  There was nothing to be nervous about, but my chest felt heavy as my heart was racing.  I had worked for so long it felt like that phone call was going to be the payoff I needed it to be.

At the other end of the phone line was one of the coaches from Digital Altitude…

As soon as the phone call started, I was direct, and when it was over, I had everything I needed to join.  I knew they’d be more than happy to accept me, but what had me excited was that the wait was finally over.

The last cart on the roller coaster had finally gone over the first hill, and I was moving at record speeds.  The next thing I knew I was working online selling to everyone I could get in contact with.  I thought I was going to clear an entire phone book before I ever slept.

The success was incredible.  With the skills, I learned, and the MLM I had joined, I was making more money than I thought I’d make in a decade.  I didn’t even go to the next couple of college classes.  I had proved myself, worked hard and held proof in my hand that was the start for the rest of my life.

Only one step was left.  Free up my time by getting out of college, but there were two people very important to me I had to talk too first.

With a smile on my face that nearly brought tears, I sat down at the dining room table, and I called out to them in the living room.

“Mom!  Dad!  Can I talk to you for a moment?”

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