About Us

This story is about a young adult named Jonathan who faces the same trouble that just about any of us could go through one day.  That trouble is seeing a loved one go through the incurable disease known as Alzheimer’s.

In this story, it happens to be Jonathan’s grandmother who lives alone in her home that she used to share with her husband that passed away many years ago. Jonathan experiences the trouble that many families have when dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease, which is the initial denial.

The brain is a beautiful part of the human body, and no one wants to see that deteriorate inside the head of a loved one.  In fact, it can be so hard to accept that many will shy away from it for as long as possible.  Although it is the typical reaction of anyone experiencing these troubles, it is the irresponsible route to take.

So in this story,Jonathan, and his parents will begin to go through the process of getting their selves, and more importantly their grandma prepared to accept that something is wrong.  Even more importantly, they will go through the hard steps to put their grandmother in better care as she inevitably will have to face her condition.

This condition known as Alzheimer’s Disease can be cared for in a safe environment.  A hard part about this disease that many people in the world face today is the fact that it has no cure.  Although it has no cure, it still has treatments to improve the quality of their life, and help them cope with their disease.